February 2017
“This testing program gives the Immunotec Consultant a significant advantage in the market place when combined with the claim of improved muscle strength and performance granted by Health Canada. This represents ‘clean performance’ in the truest sense of the word.” JOHN MOLSON Vice-President, Research and Development
Immunotec has been collaborating with elite amateur and professional athletes in a wide array of sports since its inception. Initially all products designated for certain athletes and programs were tested for banned substances on an “as needed” basis. A number of years ago Immunotec formed a strategic partnership with a company based in Ireland called ORRECO. They provide biomarker analysis for world leading athletes, federations and professional franchises. ORRECO provides both Immunocal and Immunocal Platinum to the multiple programs they serve. Given the increased demand for Immunotec’s products based on the multitude of benefits seen by both athletes and coaches, we have taken the steps to institute a testing program which would cover all of the lots of Immunocal and Immunocal Platinum going forward. The testing program is designed by LGC* Science for a Safer World. LGC sets the standard by which Immunotec gets approval to use the INFORMED-CHOICE logo on the Immunocal boxes. So whether you are a weekend warrior or Olympic Gold Medalist, you can enter your competition with “peace of mind” knowing that Immunocal is tested by one of the top programs worldwide. * LGC is a global leader in laboratory sciences, measurement standards, reference materials and analytical testing. RECOGNIZED AND TRUSTED BY SPORTS ASSOCIATIONS, LEAGUES, CLUBS AND TEAMS WORLDWIDE.
The “INFORMED-CHOICE” logo, provided by the world-class anti-doping lab, LGC, is a quality-assurance program that ENSURES A SUPPLEMENT IS FREE OF BANNED SUBSTANCES!
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Copy courtesy of Dr. Vicky Dominguez, D.Sc. www.immunotec.com/drvicky